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Had such a great experience with Thermometrics. The quality of the thermocouples are top notch.

John Doe

John DoeCo-Founder - XYZ, Inc

Resistence Elements

Resistance Elements

Introduction Resistance elements come in many types conforming to different standards, capable of different temperature ranges, with various sizes and... read more

Temperature Transmitters - Thermometrics Corp

Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters General Overview Analog (4 - 20 mA) transmitters provide a number of benefits for use in industrial sensing.The... read more

Intro to Thermowells - Thermometrics Corp

Intro to Thermowells

Introduction to Thermowells Materials—The Longevity Factor-In general, the thermowell material to be chosen for an installation is governed mainly by... read more

3A Sanitary Temperature Measurement - Thermometrics Corp

Why is 3A Sanitary Temperature Measurement Important?

The following systems are dependent upon accurate temperature measurement: Pasteurization Systems include high temperature short time (HTST) at 105 degree's... read more

Intro to Pipe Flanges - Thermometrics Corp

Intro to Pipe Flanges

Pipe flanges insure pipe and tube sections are sealed tight.Pipe flanges are American National Standards Institute (ANSI) rated for... read more

Flange Industries - Thermometrics Corp

Flange Industries

Flanges:• Threaded Flanges • Weld Neck Flanges • Slip On Flanges • Socket Welding Flanges • Blind FlangesIndustries who use Flanges:Optimizing our in-depth industry experience and skilled workforce,... read more

Selecting A Wire - Thermometrics Corp

Selecting A Wire

GENERAL CONSIDERATIONSVinyl offers low Cost, good flexibility, fair electricals, a good general purpose material.Irradiated PVC offers moderate cost, heat... read more

Weld Pad Temperature Sensors In Depth - Thermometrics Corp

Weld Pad Temperature Sensors In Depth

Thermometrics manufactures a full line of standard and custom weld pad RTD's. The weld pad (tube skin) termination... read more

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