Aerospace Solutions

Thermometrics sensors are leading the way in space exploration.

Temperature sensors that are manufactured for the aerospace industry require reliable and precise temperature measurement. We provide the people in the Aerospace, Military and Marine industries with the temperature sensors they need to fulfill their projects of all shapes and sizes. At Thermometrics Corporation, we know how important it is to deliver temperature sensors built with integrity and the resilience needed to withstand a variety of applications. Our custom house is able and willing to think outside the box and find the best solution for your projects. Since we build all of our sensors to your specifications, it allows us to produce non-standard resistance curves and values- maximizing performance for our customers. When working in high temperature industrial environments, we offer thermocouples with protection tubes made with Magnesium Oxide. These MgO Thermocouples and general purpose RTDs are available for direct immersion, composite mixing, forming or other processes.

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