Sanitary RTD

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Sanitary RTD sensors provide precise temperature measurements for Sanitary applications found in the Food, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.

Sanitary RTD Temperature Sensor

  • Sanitary RTD- A sanitary system accepted practices pertain to the sanitation aspects of equipment used to produce frozen desserts, egg, milk, cottage cheese, and similar food and dairy products. Included are Culinary Steam, Boiler Feed Water, Heat Exchangers, Transfer Station, Silo Tank, Atmospheric Pasteurizers, Pipeline Milking Systems and Feed Production.Why is 3A Sanitary Temperature Measurement Important?The following sanitary systems are dependent upon accurate temperature measurement:

    Pasteurization Systems include high temperature short time (HTST) at 105 degree's Celsius and higher heat shorter time (HHST) at 149 degree's Celsius. requirements.

    Boiler Feed Water Systems include temperature measurement to reduce water hardness and to prevent corrosion and scale in boilers and or to facilitate sludge removal for proper boiler care and operation.

    Santization Systems include temperature, time and the concentration of specific detergent solutions and bactericides. Cleaning and sanitizing procedures routinely include requirements at 121 degree's Celsius.

    Such factors as flavor control, homogenization, clarification, and separation of the product are also directly affected by temperature.


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