Sanitary Thermocouple

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Sanitary Thermowells are designed specifically for the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries.

Sanitary Thermowell In Depth

  • Design
    - Can be built from standardized components
    - Standard lengths for fewer spare parts on stock
    - Immersion lengths can be selected individually
    - Sensor can be replaced during operation
    - No welding seams coming into contact with media
  • Technical features
    - Approvals according to FM and ATEX for intrinsically safe installation of the transmitter
    - Thermowell construction designed specially for food and dairy applications
    - Installation of a transmitter in the connection head eliminates the need for multi-wire circuit
    - Interference-immune standard output signal 4 to 20 mA
  • Applications
    - Food and Dairy
    - Beverage
    - Pharmaceutical
    - Chemical
    - Cosmetics