Technical Learning


Sensor Element
Platinum 100Ω ±0.12% at 0°C

Measuring Range
-50 to 260°C (-58 to 500°F)

Case Material
Tin plated copper alloy and Stainless Steel

Wiring Configuration
2, 3, and 4 wire (single) 2 or 3 wire (dual)

Accuracy Range
Class B to DIN EN 60751 Class A to DIN EN 60751

Tip Construction
Tip sensitive

Stranded copper with PTFE insulation; stainless steel overbraid optional (one sleeve covers all leads).

Time Constant
3.0 seconds(case style A) to 1.5 seconds(case style D), typical value in moving water.

Insulation Resistance
10 megohms min. at 100 VDC, leads to case.

Calibration- single point or multiple points